Friday, January 23, 2009


Let the madness begin. My goal this year is only to beat my sister, Amy, to the punch. She is super pyscho about Pancake Day and starts sending out Pancake Day reminder emails and such pretty early. It's great.

Anyway, for those that have never heard of International Pancake Day...where the heck have you been?! It's a race here in Liberal against women in Olney, England. (Liberal is ahead in the number of wins). Liberal gets out of school for the day and there are festivities starting that weekend up until Pancake day (Shrove Tuesday), when the races take place. We even have an International Pancake Day Hall of Fame now...and my dad is the tour guide! He's very involved with the Hall of Fame AND the Pancake Day Board. We like to call him Mr. Flapjack...(since Eldon Wyatt will forever be Mr. Pancake in our hearts!)

This year is the 60th year!!!!!! Can you believe it?! The new shirts are in and they are way cool. This year they have gray, lime green, and neon orange. They even have gray hoodies this year too! You can see the logo on the homepage: There is all kinds of fun information on there for you to peruse. If you scroll to the bottom of that homepage, you will also see a list of current merchandise and prices if you click on it. But for all you fellow Pancake Day Maniacs...if you want a shirt, you better send your money to someone in Liberal NOW...they won't last!!! And no, my dad did not make me advertise for them...I just LOVE me some Pancake Day, am excited it's the 60th year, and really do think the shirts rock this year!

The date is February plan your Pancake Day party now and eat pancakes that whole day if you so choose! IHOP usually has free short stacks that entire day as well. So, see...there's no excuse!!


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