Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New-ness for a New Year

1. New job. I started the new year with a new job. I'm now the ED for a community foundation in my hometown the serves 10 counties. It's only 25 hrs/week, but pays almost what I was getting previously.

2. Got a new 2nd job. ha Since the other one is only 25 hrs, I decided i should be responsible and mature and get another job. I'm working in the mornings as the secretary at the church I grew up in.

3. New digs. Since I moved back to the hometown, I had to get new digs. My house in Goodland hasn't sold, so my new living quarters are....in the basement of good 'ol Mom & Dad's house!

4. New fog light. My dad backed into my car and knocked it one of the fog lights out (and did lots more damage to his own car...sorry dad!), so I'm getting a new one!

5. New names...my nephew Adam was home at Christmas and here til the 2nd. He's talking some now, so I got all kinds of new names. Some understandable...most not, but I'm sure all are good!

6. New socks. Yep, I needed some.

7. New diet plan...Santa gave me a book of all soup recipes. I LOVE soup and plan to make every single one (except for ones with anything fishy). I've already make the "Zesty Chicken & Corn Chowder" and found it to be quite delightful thank you very much!

8. New gym membership. It's back to the Wellness Center I go. Thank goodness. My butt needs a good kickin!

9. New puppy! Her name is Millie and she's a cute slobbery beagle. She loves the other dogs..they hate her so far.
JUST KIDDING!!! I know, you were all wanting to strangle me at the thought of a 3rd dog. But it would be kinda fun.
10. New plans for the future. My current plan is just to stop trying to make plans and deadlines for things in life that I can't control. Why cause disappointment and frustration when it would be nicer to just live in the moment and enjoy the surroundings!

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