Friday, January 23, 2009

When your MOM decideds your internal clock is ticking...

Many of you have heard the first few stories, but for those that haven't..sorry for the repeat. The rest is much more recent.

My mother, like all moms across the world, wants grandchildren...and wants them now! My younger sister, Angie, is married with a 2 year old now, but they live in Dallas and 1 grandchild is certainly not enough. A few years ago my mom sent me an email the day before Valentine's Day, my LEAST favorite holiday of the year (in fact, I usually prefer to protest it by wearing all black..hee hee). The email simply said, "Perhaps you should not wait, but just ask someone to marry you. You're biological clock IS ticking you know!" If you know my mom, you are laughing right now and know that she's a nut, but means well. But I'll admit, I didn't think it was too funny the day I read it or the next few actually. Now, I just shake my head and laugh with the rest of you. At the time, many of my friends suggested I email her back a picture of myself with the scariest guy I could find and say, "Will he do?".

Growing up, there were 2 guys that went my church with us, that she'd tell (only when I wasn't around to roll my eyes and die of embarrassement), "You know, when you grow up, Ken and I want you to know it's okay with us if you want to marry Sarah...because we just love you!" They'd come to school the next day and with a huge sigh, let me know my mom had suggested our future nuptials again. I'm sorry Bryan and Ryan!

Then, about 1.5 years ago...some friends from Liberal came to Goodland for my birthday. Jamie's grandparent's go to my church and had told her that during the prayer request part of the service, my mother had stood up and asked for people to pray that I find a husband and SOON! Of course, my friends thought this was hysterical (as did I actually) and filled me in on this story in front of as many other friends as they could. Thank you for that too ladies! = )

Now that I'm back in Liberal, I'm currently living with my truly giving, hilarious, and loving parents while I wait for my house in Goodland to sell. Two of my best friends are getting married this year, Januea and Robin. As soon as mom found out that they were getting married and I was in the bridal parties, she wanted to know who all the groomsmen were, if they were single, and if any of them could be a potential husband. I even had to show her Robin and Scott's wedding site where she could see the photos of all the boys. Ha. Then this past week I began the Leadership Liberal program. Thursday was the Kickoff Banquet and Friday was the first all day class. I came home and was sharing with the parental units some of the funny parts of the day and about some of the new people I had met. Of course, my mother's first statement was, "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've been saying a little prayer that there will be a young, single, Christian man in that class for you to marry"! Of course you have been mom. Of course you have.

I guess it will never end. I'm just ready for my other sister, Amy, to get back from perhaps some of the focus will be switched to her. She is, afterall, 4 years older...and 4 years closer to being labeled an old spinster! (Sorry Amy...I do love you...but it's your turn for awhile!)

In actuality, it really doesn't bother me, and I DO think it's quite entertaining. I'm just running out of witty responses to her determined quest.

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