Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Calling all sponsors!!!

Hello my friends and family! I know it seems like it was just yesterday, but it is that time of year again....fundraiser time! I will be vague about the organization and fundraiser itself on this page, but will add a link for your perusal!

This is my organization's best time for our matches to have fun and interact with others from the community, and a time for the community to get involved and learn more about our program and the services we provide. As usual, I am doing my part for our office here in Goodland. We are quite honestly struggling financially right now, and this is the best opportunity we have throughout the year to get ahead. I'm asking that each of you take the time to think about our program and try to budget a donation into whatever you set aside for yearly donations. I can tell you that currently our program has 44 matches, with about 35 more children on the waiting list!! The funds raised from this event help us to continue recruitment of volunteers, expansion efforts, provide more training opportunities for our volunteers and more group activities for our matches and children on the waiting list, and carry insurance for each match we have! Trust me, it adds up quickly and we want to be able to continue serving the children in our counties for years to come!

So, if you feel so inclined to bless us with your contribution, you can make a pledge or donation by clicking one of the links next to the picture on my link. This site allows you to actually make a donation online via debit or credit card OR you can make a pledge and select to be BILLED after the event (which is in April). My own personal goal of dollars I hope to raise is $2500 this year! It's a big challenge, but I hope I can reach it...shatter it actually!

Thanks very much for your support, it truly means a lot and I want to thank you in advance for any support to can give.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Someone is trying to send me to the Looney Bin

I finally caved this morning. I just broke down and sent an email to Kraft Foods, which owns Post Cereals...to find out what the hell is going on with my Bran Flakes. Not only did my Wal-Mart quit selling them, but the Dillons in Liberal hasn't sold them for over a year. My parental units were here last weekend and we drove over to Colby. I made them go to both the Wal-Mart AND Dillons there and neither one of them had em. When they came up last weekend they were supposed to bring me a cooler full of meat (which they forgot to order so I could pick it up at Christmas- sorry, but I just can't buy beef at Wally World...it's too funky) but forgot...so they are taking it Janny tomorrow in Ulysses to bring up on Sunday when she meets Januea here. I know...I'm not sure how my parents put up with me either. I'm pretty weird AND very high maintainance! I don't mean to be...it just happens.

Soooo...I called Dad this morning and begged him to go buy me some at the Wal-Mart in Liberal because they still have been carrying them. He just called me laughing about 30 minutes ago to tell me....they don't have them either. THAT IS IT! NO MAS! THIS MEANS WAR! Okay, maybe not quite that, but close. He did say he'd drive to the other end of town and look at the Hispanic Market to see if they had them. I'm praying for at least 1 box. Surely God love me at least that much!

So after I hung up with Dad, I thought...SCREW THIS...I'm just gonna get online and order em by the case. I couldn't even find a place to do that! So I just sent them an email to the company telling them my sob story, how desperate I am, and how much of a lunatic it is making me. I mean, I got boxes of cereal for Christmas and was excited for the love of Pete?! No seriously, I ASKED for them for Christmas!!! That is NOT right.

Perhaps they'll feel sorry for me and give me a lifetime supply. Sigh....one can only hope and dream...(of crunchy, heavenly, tasty little bran flakes)!

Dare to Dream???

I had a dream last week, as I often do, that was quite bizarre. For some reason I often have messed up dreams of mutilated babies and children or deformed ones with extra arms and stuff coming out of their foreheads. I'm assuming this is God's way of telling me, I'm weird enough and messed up enough on my own, I don't need to procreate. I have a dream like this usually once a month. It's been going on for years now. Although I certainly don't enjoy or appreciate it, I've grown somewhat accustom to the strangeness of it all.

Anyway, last week, I had a dream that was different. I was driving down a highway, but it was up high in the air. Similar to that of an overpass...but the entire highway was up, up and away. Not to out of the ordinary, perhaps. But the road was see-thru. The only sign that there was indeed a road was the yellow dotted center lines. There were buildings below, people milling around on their daily routines, and it was very hard to concentrate and focus on the driving and not falling on the invisible road I was traveling down. I don't know where I was heading or if it was important, I just know I was terrified of falling of the edge, hitting someone below, or the invisible road ending and me not realizing it, because...well, it was invisible to begin with. I was trying to watch for traffic on the same invisible road, but also birds and planes and shit in the air, and also was distracted by all the movement under the clear path I was on.

Does this seem odd to you? Does anyone else have random and crazy dreams? Do you read into them like I do? I see this dream as me feeling as though my life if heading down a path I'm unsure of, perhaps heading in a direction I should quickly change, but am too scared and paralyzed to attempt to alter the route. Hmmm.

Any thoughts?


***I actually wrote this on Feb. 1st on my other blog***

Yesterday as I drove down the street and thought of another stupid thing I had just done, I said out loud to myself: "I am losing my minds!!". To which I then began laughing hysterically thinking, maybe that is the exact problem: Multiple personalities! I just hope no one saw me talking to myself, laughing, and shaking my head in pure amazement of my own weirdness.
Then, eating out with friends, I found the dill pickle slices on my plate, crunched away on a few and realized...pickles might just be one of God's greatest creations. Well, other than bran flakes that is!

If you read my previous post about my new way of doing Resolutions and Lent, you know that for February I gave up sweets and decided I was going to embrace my "singleness".... I'm already annoyed by it. And since it's not January anymore, I don't have to have a positive attitude about everything and can say...this was a gay idea and I hate myself today. Give up sweets?! What the heck? I thought I had said give up candy...but all sweets? I must have been delusional from lack of sleep when I wrote that nonsense! And embrace my singleness? What the heck ever. I'm going to be an old main, the ol' spinster, the scary old lady on the block, alone for the REST OF MY LIFE!!! Although I know this to be true, it doesn't mean I have to be happy or excited about it! Please. So right now, if I could clone myself and tell the original me to go to hell for writing that bullshit...I would so do it.

I've also decided that the next car I buy (which will probably not be until about 2025 cause I'm po' and will drive this one til it croaks), absolutley HAS to have butt warmers (which I was told to stop calling butt warmers, but that's what they are!) AND the automatic starter so I can start it from afar and it will be warm by the time I get in! I live in the frozen tundra people. I think it's only fair.

Other tiny snippets floating uselessly in my brain:

-I hate school.
-I should move back to Nashville.
-What kind of name is Mitt anyway?
-How the heck did someone think up marshmellows? (And when the hell are we going to have another smores party???)
-I think they should make a new version of Hee Haw and bring that shit back.
-My family is bizarre.
-Some people like Robin know far too many details regarding the oddities of the Thompson clan...taped butt cheeks, "shart" stories, whiplash from a frozen turkey, being the "dog's hind tit", etc.
-I hope my dogs are still alive.
-I think Januea should try out for American Gladiators.
-I think everyday should be Friday...or Saturday.


Let's take a poll.

How many of you actually brush your dogs teeth?
How many of you take your dog to get their teeth "cleaned" at the vet?

I have actually heard of brushing your dogs teeth, but in my entire life, I can say I have never done this, nor has anyone I know (that I remember). After my smaller dogs breath continued to get more and more fowl, I finally asked my dear friend Joy (the vet tech- poor gal- gets all my 9 million worried pet questions) if it could mean she has a bad tooth. She said yes, and I began what seemed like the never-ending battle with little Josie for her let me see her teeth. When I finally did, I realized, that the poor little pup has at least 1 if not more, that are definitely rotten. So, both dogs had to go in a few weeks ago to be knocked out, have their teeth cleaned, and have whatever needs pulled, extracted. And Josie had to start on antibiotics the week prior and stay on em for 10 days because of the infection in her tiny mouth. This fun little excursion to ensure I'm a good pet owner and mommy you KNOW was going to set me back a pretty penny...and of course, being my over analytical psycotic self, I now feel like all my past pets were mistreated and abused. What if they, too, had rotten teeth that hurt like hell and needed removed? And I just let them live out their days in paing and agony actually hating me.

Does this mean I'll start brushing Josie and Gabby's teeth. Doubtful, I'll probably take the easy road and just take them in for cleanings whenever they are suggested. Good lord, I'm retarded. I need pet insurance. I don't know anyone that really has that, but I'm starting to think it might be a good plan.

The dogs are fine. Didn't die or anything as I had feared. ha Poor little Josie did have to have 2 teeth removed and the one that I had been concerned about, pretty much just came out when he touched it. $407 later...their little puppy teeth are sparkling and their breath is a much less revolting! ha