Monday, April 30, 2007

You might be a redneck if....

I LOVE THIS! My cousin Wil is a true good 'ol boy. He has grown up in a family of farmers, so for prom...he and his date rode into town and to the prom on the John Deere Crop Sprayer!!! How flippin awesome is this!!! He rocks for sure! Man I love my family!!

Can you tell we're from smalltown America?!

Afterthoughts: Wil's date, Kaylonni, is also from a farming family. I believe they also raise sheep and pigs? Both Wil and Kaylonni are also 4H-ers! WooHoo!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Went to Dallas this past weekend to visit my younger sister Angie, her hubby Jeff, and baby Adam. It was great to get away after the last couple of weeks of work. (Our fundraiser went great, I personally came within $150 of my $2000 goal..and I think we will not be too far from our overall goal once we have the other bowling event for the last county).
Anyway, the weekend was great. Lots of rest, relaxation, and quality time with my family. And seriously, Adam is the cutest and most hysterical baby of all time. Work with me...because now I have to show him from the weekend..and one hysterical video that you absolutely MUST watch. He's a riot! Lots of slobber, spectacular dimples, and two little teeth starting to poke through!

He does this ALL the time! It's fantabulous entertainment! They are also teaching him to rub his belly after he's done eating. Too funny.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rainy day blues

Rain. I hate it and love it all at the same time. I hate it because it's gloomy, cold, and makes me sad. I love it for quenching my lawn's thirst, making the flowers bloom, and smelling..well, like rain!

My Ode to Rain

Rain drops falling, like children on skates
The ground wet and muddy each morning I wake
The thunder and lightning frighten me so
I'm so sweet I might melt, oh where should I go?
The clock keeps ticking with each inch that falls
The crops are all happy, but I hate this y'all!
Rain is so wet, messy, and cold
I like things dry and clean...does that mean I'm getting old?
This is my ode to the rain I can't stand
Cause I'll take the rain's imperfections before those of a man!

And there ya have it's not as good as my Girl Scout Cookie poem...but it's hard to be perfect all the time! =)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Something is outta whack..

You know when you have that nagging feeling that you've forgot maybe I didn't turn off the stove, unplug the curling iron, or lock the door. Or when you just feel like you should be somewhere, but aren't sure what or where? Or when you just think something isn't right, but can't figure out what it is?

I've had that feeling for about 3 days now. It's making me nutty. I have indeed locked the doors and not left anything turned on. I haven't missed any meetings or appointments, but yet I feel as though I'm forgetting something or that something bad is going to happen. Hmmm...

I go to the doctor in the morning...I hope it's not bad news that I'll get there. I'm driving home to visit the fam for the weekend tomorrow too. Hope it's not a wreck that I should be worried about (or a speeding ticket!). It's just kind of a sense of impending doom. Kinda just want to go home, crawl into bed and stay there until the feeling goes away.

Ever felt like that? Weird. And a little creepy.