Friday, May 04, 2007

Questions I need answered

So, because of situations some of my friends are dealing with, and my own family...I've been forced to think about my own inevitable death. My sister, Amy, had her will drawn up a few years ago and I thought she was crazy. We're young, single, with really...not much of anything for people to fight over once we're gone! (Although, I did make her put one piece of her furniture in her will for that tacky? SHE ASKED ME what I wanted!!)

Anyway, here are my thoughts:

1. As I said, I own stuff....but none of it's paid know, like my house, my car, my new hot tub!!! I mean...someone could probably use all of those things, but if I died today they'd really just be getting another payment of their own, right? So, as I already there a point of a will right now?

2. Wills....what all goes in a will? Is it just that type of stuff...what goes to who? Or is that where you say what you want to happen to you once your gone? For mom wants to donate her body to KU Medical School..we had a family member that did that and she thought it was a brilliant plan. She also only wants a memorial service and wants me or my sisters to sing Happy Trails. If you don't know my mom...she's a bit of a whack job! But anyways, does that stuff go in the will? If so, then perhaps I should go ahead and deal with it?

3. Don't laugh too hard or make fun...but the thing I'm most concerned about is who will take care of my dogs?! I KNOW neither of my sisters will. My parents probably would or my Aunt Janet and Uncle Dan. Januea...they love you! Joy you could adopt them too! I kid you not, when I sat down and thought about all this a few weeks ago, this was the one thing that made me really upset. I want to know someone that loves them as much as I do will take them!! So, any volunteers?!

4. My other thought...since I'm not married (sorry mom), who has to foot the bills of me dying? My parents? A sibling? The state? I don't know shit. I mean, am I supposed to have money set aside for this stuff? That doesn't seem like a fun way to enjoy my hard earned paycheck.

5. What really does happen to any debts I owe? Like my house...does the mortgage company just take the house back? Does a family member have to take care of it since there currently is no husband in the picture? I'm clueless.

6. What do I want...cremation, burial, donate organs (the ones that aren't messed up anyway), or follow my mom's plan of giving my dead nastiness to KU? Really, how is one to decide something so bizarre. I kind of feel that it would be a waste to pay for a box to put me in, but burning myself up seems a bit freaky. And although I'm sure I'm a great case for medical students to study, the thought of that is almost so disgusting, that I'd rather not even think about it.

7. A living will...Amy did you do this? Is this a separate will or can it be added into the other? I don't want to live as a vegetable..although sometimes I think I already am. I think this would be an important thing to think about.

8. Although I'm not quite as extreme as my mom wanting Happy Trails at her memorial...I don't want some sad, depressing, funeral or memorial. I just want people to remember what it was they loved about me..whether it's good or bad...and share those memories and stories with one another, laugh, and maybe even have a beer in my memory! (or a shot- either a lunchbox or hypnotic and redbull).

9. I don't want to die for a really long time...

So, if any of you have any knowledge or thoughts on this subject, please share. If you know me, you know I'm not a morbid person...and not always the most organized..but perhaps this is one area where I should be more prepared.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sweet, tart, and rockin my world!

So, in my efforts to be more health concious and minimize the pain and fatigue that is caused by who knows what since the doctors can't figure it out...I've gotten serious again about working out and what I eat. Here's the thing, I actually do enjoy working's GETTING my butt to the gym that takes some will power. There are just other things that seem more important sometimes. You know, like who is going to get kicked off of "Dancing with the Stars" or "American Idol", sleeping, playing with the dogs, hanging out with friends, etc...

Once I get there I am in the zone, completely focused on my music selection and getting my heart pumping. I love the elliptical, I can put up with the treadmill, and the bike is okay some days. I'm even giving in to the antiquated piece of crap weight room my gym has and just getting in there and doing what I can. Not only that but I'm running to and from the's only 3 blocks! ha Working out is supposed to give you an adrenalin rush and boost your energy. For me, it makes my entire body hurt and makes me so tired I can barely stand. I actually almost fell asleep while RUNNING on the treadmill a couple weeks ago. Slightly dangerous. BUT...surely the current issues will get better with time and better overall health.

As for food...I've stocked my kitchen with buttloads of fruit: granny smith apples, bananas, strawberries, red grapes, and my favorite of all time...CLEMENTINES!!! If you have never had one, please...for the love of all this is right in this world...go buy some NOW! They truly rock the planet! I've also made myself use nuts or granola here and there. Not my fave...but whatever.

So...if I'm gonna give it a month..and I don't feel any better I've decided I'm going to boycott ALL doctors! I see the 2nd neurologist June 1st for a test for MS. Beyond that..I'm refusing to go if I see no improvements! There ya have it...clementines, gym, no doctors...sound like a grand plan to you?!