Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Now what do we do??

First REAL snow of the season...the dogs are NOT amused...

They sniff the entire yard and run the perimeter in search of the Snow Bandit...

Gabby gets highly irritated with me taking pictures and says "ENOUGH! Let me in where it's warm already ya lunatic"!!!

They search for buried treasures...(i.e. frisbees, food dish, bones, a stray cat??)

Josie stands on case the Snow Bandit reappears in her short visit outside...

Both pups quickly find a spot to claim as their own, back inside trying to warm back up before they go out in another 4 hours to potty! HA
YEP! SUPER SPOILED! But admit it, they're SUPER CUTE too!

McDreamy hopes dashed again...

So as I opened hotmail yesterday there it was staring at me. Pamela Anderson is divorcing Kid Rock. Okay, don't misunderstand me here. It's not that I think Kid Rock or Tommy Lee were a great catch, but it irritates the heck out of me that people like her, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Taylor, and so on... get to "try" numerous McDreamys...while the rest of us sit here waiting, praying, searching, pleading to find one...JUST ONE, Mr. McDreamy to make our world spin, our heart race, our temperature rise, and our soul feel like its met its perfect pair. (Also, don't get me wrong, guys are just as guilty of doing this to their fellow man too!)

I know..some of you reading this will try to assure me that they are not happy. They are continually searching for something to fill a void from that last broken relationship (with someone that looks like Brad Pitt). Poor, poor souls. Whatever shall they do? Let's all cry a tear for them.

FORGET THAT! I feel no pity. They are maneaters that are overly greedy and got an Unsatisfactory mark on sharing in kindergarten. What happened to helping your own gender, ladies? Women like these should be shot...or at least punched or something.

(Wow...I need to get out more).

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

McDreamy...where for art thou, McDreamy?!

I'm WAITING!!! (Impatiently)

Every woman DESERVES her very own McDreamy.
Does anyone...ANYONE...know where mine is?!
If so, please give him the quickest route to me!


Look who's back...back again!

Yes, it's official. I'm a nerd. My blog was found by my employer. Not that there was anything bad on it...but nonetheless, I didn't feel they should be privy to my entire life. So, I deleted and am starting over.

I know you are all thrilled to see me again! Yippee!