Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Beer Man

If you haven't seen Wendell in the Miller High Life commercials, I don't know where you've been. He's a riot and he's been doing em a while now. For the superbowl there was supposed to be a 1 second commercial, but I never saw it...He had been on Leno talking about it and showed some of them. There's a website where you can go watch a bunch of em and there are a couple longer ones too. You HAVE to go watch them. Hilarious...the best one is at the bottom with the yellow foam finger. If you only watch one..this is the one to watch. Totally hysterical!

Wendell for President!


rubyslipperlady said...

they are hilarious and I do love the foam finger!

also lovin' the pop top magnets, hadn't seen those.

SUPER said...

That foam finger one rocks. I love it.

The magnets..yeah...and now everyone is giving me their beer tops too. I'm gonna have so many I'll never get em all used! ha