Thursday, July 31, 2008

Continual search for happiness

So, I quit my job a month ago. Since then, I've applied to many jobs. Some I was excited about, some I was not. I've got my hopes up about a few, and worried about a few. I've thought about having to pack up and move again and have been both excited and sad about the thought of that. I've thought about where I'd be willing to move, and where I would not. I've thought about what I really want to do...and after determining I just really don't WANT to work, my mother told me to snap out of it because that's not a possibility. Darn.

So, while I interview, wait, stew and fret, and continue applying, I've also been trying to stay busy and be creative. I've made many magnets and other items for my website business. I've searched for and am ready to try out many new patterns and ideas for projects. And I've tried being more proactive with advertising this little adventure..and have actually finally sold a few things online. I had sold a lot up to this point, but all to friends and family and friends of those individuals, etc. Nothing online. This is changing.

I'm thinking I should have also been using this free time the past month to work out a lot more and focus on getting healthy. I haven't take that opportunity and that ends...tomorrow! (Come on, I have a job interview in a bit...and then I'll need to destress from that by taking a nap or something!) ha

As I always do when I have this much spare time to ponder life and the point of it...I've questioned everything. Am I supposed to be in Goodland or is there somewhere else out there that is a better fit? If so, where is that? Am I supposed to be working with kids, non-profit, or something completely different? Am I seriously still single? Am I still wanting to work on my Master's? Why did I cut my hair and how fast will it grow back? Should I just put the house up for sale and see what happens and then worry about where to go after that? Is it ever going to cool back down outside? Is it fair that I only get to see my only nephew like twice a year? What IS the point to life and what point is there to me? Am I making a the world, to a cause, to anyone?

Hmmmm. I really need a job. Too much time on my hands is never a good idea! Maybe I should sell the house and everything I own and me and the doggies hit the open road?! Wonder how long I'd make it. Probably not long, it's hot, there are too many germies out there, and I like my own bed. Guess I'll just have to wait it out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


If any of you buy mints that come in a tin (like altoids for example)...I need about 100 of those empty tins. So if you could give em to me rather than throw em away, that would be spectacular!!! Would also be an easy way for you to recycle in your world!

Let me know! Gracias friends!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Just thought I'd point out the obvious...that I've added photos and a link (on the right) to my website I've been working on. Right now it's mostly jewelry and there are some sets of magnets, but eventually there will be more. There will be pillows, purses/handbags, quilts, etc. All of it is stuff made my me, myself, and I.

Please take the time to check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks guys!