Monday, August 06, 2007

The Fair

So my sister, Amy (who has asked that I quit referring to her as "the older" sister, even though she is), LOVES the fair...specifically any STATE FAIR. She's obsessed, really. It's quite entertaining for others to witness though. Here are some of the reasons she can't stay away:

1. She enjoys trying ANY food that is fried: cheese, twinkies, oreos, pickles, corn, snickers, etc.
2. She really loves trying all the food that is "on a stick". (Last year she bought a shirt at the Minnesota state fair that listed all the foods you could find on a stick at the fair...and marked them off as she ate them). She's had all sorts of random foods this way.
3. She likes hanging out with her friends and walking around (to help work off the food she is consuming as she goes).
4. She loves random bizarre things, such as: butter sculptures, the world's largest pumpkin, and those cutouts that you stick your face in and take dumb pictures of!
5. She enjoys and appreciates the various concerts you can catch at a fair.

Reasons I don't like the fair:

1. The HEAT! Haven't you noticed almost NONE of the fair buildings in the world are air conditioned..even though we are living in 2007 and Willis Haviland Carrier
invented the first electrical air conditioning in 1902!!!!
2. Fried foods are bad (but I do love me some funnel cake!)
3. Food on a stick is just wrong and quite frankly...scares me.
4. Butter sculptures melt, pumpkins rot, and I don't need anymore stupid pictures of myself!
5. I do enjoy going to the concerts...but I can do that anytime of the year...preferrably either when it's cooler outside or at an INDOOR venue!!

The fair here in Goodland is quite different than that which I am used to. They do not have a carnival that comes in to town. OH NO! They have their own rides and games, because the crime rate was increasing way too much during fair week while all the carneys were in town. So they bought some seriously antiquated rides and then they beg people around town to run them and the games. Now, I already had a booth for my job, I worked 3 different days in the Kiwanis food kitchen, and then they called and asked me to do one of the kids games. I said I would for two nights. Ended up being the kid train..which is barrels hooked together and pulled behind a golf cart ...just around the fairgrounds. YES...for those of you that have been in a car with me...they asked ME to drive the kiddie train. I did not kill, mame, or even harm a single child or bystander. However, with all the different booths and the heat and working my regular job...I must admit...I'm so glad the fair is over!

Oh yeah, and 1 of the nights I did ride some rides with friends. First it was the sizzler...which I swear gave me whiplash, then the tilt-a-whirl which we couldn't get to spin much, and then the swings. I'm not sure if it's just been so long since I've rode any rides, if I'm just totally lame, or if almost being 30 is affecting me...but I almost blew chunks on the swings! My eyes were watering and I had that awful feeling working itself into my throat. I told my friend I thought I was going to puke....he laughed. I said, no really...if this ride doesn't end....I'm gonna puke. The ride ended and I went and sat on a bench while they rode some more rides. Suck!'s over...until next year anyway!

P.S. Random fact: nacho cheese that you pump out of the machine...if you overshoot the cup and it lands on your hand...I swear it causes a 3rd degree burn. The guys in the Kiwanis booth with me thought I was being dramatic I'm sure, but then they saw the blister and that my finger was red and swollen! I didn't make anymore nachos that day! They(the nachos)are evil I'm pretty sure and I still have a huge blister that is shaped like a heart. I should take a picture and post it on here for you entertainment. NAH...that's gross.