Monday, June 25, 2007

The latest...

So let's see...I've been told I need to be blogging more often. OOPS!

Here's what's been going on in my world:

Got my hot tub on Saturday. It totally rocks my world! I LOVE IT! You should come visit soon! ha I even used it this morning after I finally got my butt out of bed!

My MRI came back normal...which is good but made me have a nervous breakdown since they STILL have no clue what's wrong with me. They started me on physical therapy and wearing a TENS unit. Haven't seen much of a change with either though. The hot tub has helped more in the 3 days I've had it than the PT and TENS. Oh well. I go back to see the neurologist on Aug. 1st for more of those painful injections and then see a THIRD rheumatologist on Septl. 12th...but I'm not bitter or anything! ha

My backyard is finally looking pretty darn good. Got grass growing in the couple spots that were stuff planted where the previous owner kept throwing all the pine needles and pine cones for 50 are a couple pics:

This is the view out the back door. Pretty, isn't it?!

This is the East side of the yard, where I planted a ton of flowers, shrubs, and plants. (My mom weeded that little middle section while she was flowers I planted there have bloomed and gone already...need to do something more in it I guess).

This is the patio where the hot tub is now. The table isn't there anymore, but a bar and stools. It's kinda fun. There are also lights around the top for at night. It's super cute. Go me.

I leave for Vegas on July 4th. Can't wait. Was supposed to go last month with my girls from college...but due to health issues and work, didn't get to go. So another friend was going out for her oldest brother's wedding. So I changed my flight and will be there the 4th-8th. Can't wait!

My big 30th birthday bash is getting closer! I can hardly wait! Several old college friends and some high school friends are all coming to town...from Denver, KC area, OK City, L-town, all the Goodland folks. It's gonna be insane! Woo hoo!
My sister Amy leaves for Africa for a year next month! She has started a new blog to keep us updated of her journey. You can click on the link that says Amy in Africa or right here to see what she's up to!

Hmmm...guess that's it for now...oh wait...more pictures to share...My nephew's first time in a pool! Man I wish I would have been there to see it. Here's one of him on his way to the pool, one in the big pool and one in his baby pool at my parent's house! Too cute!

Oh...and here is some furniture my parent's are selling in case anyone needs dining room furniture:

The buffet/hutch
The table
The chairs
They will sell the table and chairs separately for $250 (there are 5 chairs, plus this one with the arms (they recovered them themselves! I think you can actually sit 8 or so at the table). Or they will sell it all together for $450. Let me know if you are interested.
Think that's should catch everyone up! Hope life is well for everyone!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Weird words, phrases, and families

So I bought a wheel barrow today. Went to Wally World yesterday for one and they didn't have any. Isn't that strange? Anyway, I found one at the lumber store today, paid way too much for it, and strangely...can't wait to use the damn thing. But what strikes me as odd is the name: wheel barrow. I don't know why, but when I say it... I feel as though I'm speaking gibberish. The barrow part always comes out wrong. It seems as though I'm making the words up. They just don't want to naturally roll off my tongue. I've noticed other words lately that have been the same. Maybe my mind is on overload and I'm overanalzing things again...but sometimes...words just seem frickin weird!

Earlier this week, my sister and I were laughing at some of the sayings our family uses...some are gross, twisted, and retarded. But they all are funny none the less. But again...they seem weird. Of course, it's no secret my family is I guess it should actually seem very natural and not weird at all.

Simply for your enjoyment and to add a bit of amusement to your day, I shall share some of these great sayings with you now. Use them often and fondly think of my granny as you she is the one that taught them to us!

Okay...when someone burps, here are the appropriate responses you can choose from:
"Bring it up again and we'll vote on it".
"Save the orange and green pieces and we'll make a quilt".
"Divvies on the red chunks"!
"Better to burp and bare the shame, than not to burp and bare the pain!"

When someone farts, use one of these:
"I thought I heard a buck snort"!
"Who fired that shot"?
"Oh! The spider's are barking"!
"My uncle always told me that holding em in will make ya mean!"
"You do know that a fart is a message from gutsville to buttsville that there's a train coming down the track?" (disgusting I know..but admit love it and can't wait to use this one!)

And last but not least...the one no one believes that I learned from my Granny....when you are losing a game, please be sure to use this phrase:
"Well, I'm losing again. I guess I'm the dog's hind tit."

People..I can't make this stuff up. I really did learn all this nonsense from my Granny. You want to meet her don't you? Well, she lives in Liberal and could tell ya lots of funny stories. You should go visit her really. Although, I would wear a "Depends" if I were you...cause she's a hoot! (Hoot...that's another odd one?!)

To my family members reading this...can you think of any I left out...I know there are more..but this was all I could think of at this moment in time.

P.S. A few more words I think are weird: poop, conquer, supper, tiki, and amarillo. Any words freakin your freak today?