Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thought I'd share...

Well, since I got such great response to my girl scout poem (which really, you should all pronounce "pome", kind of with an English accent because it's just more fun to say it that way)...I thought maybe I'd occasionally slip in a post with some of my various songs' lyrics and other "pomes".

This first one is the only song I've written that isn't country or R&'s one for church, a prayer if you will. I actually wrote this during college as I was driving down the interstate after visiting my sister, Amy. I was upset (not because of anything she did...although I could write a few songs about both my sisters...the good, the bad, and the ugly..ha!) about the way parts of my life were going, and it really came from me breaking down, crying, and asking God what I was doing wrong, why does life have to be so hard, so difficult, how was I going to make the changes I needed to? It may have been the quickest it's ever taken me to write a song. Thankfully I had a pen, paper, and mini-recorder with me. (I need to start carrying that with me again!) And I've actually sang this at my home church in Liberal, as well as at my grandparents church in Coldwater, KS. I wish you could hear it...the melody to this one is probably one of my best. I haven't ever recorded this one, but if I could figure out a way to put some of my songs on here for you all to listen to...I'd think about it. ha

Oh, and for those wondering, yes...I've already copyrighted all these lyrics and songs with the US Copyright it's okay, I'm safe.


I see the cross, and I feel you
I read your word, and I feel you
But you fill me, with a love so deep
That it hurts to let you down

When I pray, you hear me
When I cry, you always hear me
You listen to me, with an open heart
Why don't I always hear you

Lord give me the strength, to follow your way
Lift me up in your humble arms
Help me to walk side by side with you
Lord let me live for you

When I have sinned, you forgave
When I was wrong, you always forgave
Teach me to live, with a forgiving heart like yours
Help me live from what I've learned


I see the cross, and I feel you...

Friday, March 02, 2007

It's just on my mind is all...

Girl Scout cookies are so bad.
Girl Scout cookies make me mad.
Those cute little girls with their little pig tails
Sell me lard in a box and it never fails...
I gain a pound or two or ten
After eating a box of devilish thin mints.

Girl Scout cookies are very bad.
Girl Scout cookies make me mad.
They are evil and do the devil's work
Those cute little girls are really twerps.
Peddling fat for $3.50 a box
I plan not to answer the next time they knock.

Girl Scout cookies are worse than bad.
Girl Scout cookies make me mad.
I might go puke cause I ate more than I should
Pass me the Somoas if you would!!
No wait, I shall not have another bite
Or I might explode, no I really might!

Girl Scout cookies are bad, bad, bad.
Girl Scout cookies make me mad.