Wednesday, January 02, 2008

MY 2008!

So this year, I decided to do something different for resolutions. Rather than make a bunch at the beginning of the year, that I forget about by March...I'm trying a different approach. And although I'm not Catholic, I have always practiced giving something up during Lent. So, this year, I'm going to mix it up and combine these 2 traditions. I'm going to give up something different each month and have a different resolution for each month. I think I can focus much better for a month at a time, rather than a year! LMAO!! ADD perhaps?

Anyway, here's the plan.

I'm going to give up trashy gossip magazines. I go through phases with these. I won't buy any, and then I'll buy like 10. It's a sick obsession and who really cares if Paris went to jail, Britney has another baby, or Tom Cruise is a freak??? Besides, these stupid magazines are anywhere from $2-5 each. So, I'll save a little money also.
My resolution for January is to THINK POSITIVE. I know I can become quite a pessimist. Now that the holidays are over and I'm away from my family again, I tend to become depressed and restless with life. So...all January...HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! If you see or talk to me and I'm reading or buying a stupid gossip magazine to see if Ashlee Simpson really got a nose job...or if I'm being grumpy or's your duty as a friend to call me out on it! Be kind though!

I'm going to give up sweets. Any and all cream, chocolate, SPK. Could be painful during the Valentine candy smorgasbord that will be everywhere!
My resolution in February is going to be to embrace my singleness. As most of you know by disturbs me (and my mother ) a great deal I seem to be destined for eternal singledom! So, with the crappy Valentine's holiday this month...I am really going to try to just get over it and enjoy my freedom to do what I what, when I want, and how I want.

I'm going to give up shopping, other than the essentials like groceries, gas, toilet paper, etc. Perhaps a month of absolutely no purchases of any kind will help me remember that I can survive without another pair of heels, life will go on without a new couch, and I'll still be breathing without a new puppy. It should also help my bank account! Besides January was all the big purchases (new washer/dryer- since mine caught on fire, new laptop, new desktop, new camera, etc. I know...a bit out of control?!)
My resolution for this month will be to elminate that which I don't need or use on a regular basis. I do this usually once or twice a year and purge quite a bit from my home. Helps eliminate clutter and I get to take a load of stuff to the thrift shop for someone else to enjoy.

I'm going to give up fowl language. I've got back in the habit of cursing way too much. No mas. My resolution for this month will be to focus, focus, focus on my coursework, not let my self get behind, and prepare for the final exams and projects for this semester.

I'm going to give up alcohol. I realize that I don't really drink that much anymore, but I think this is a fair thing to give up for the month of May, since this month has one of my favorite holidays...that usually translates to mucho cervesa!
My resolution will be to be a better friend. Keep in touch better with those that I don't see regularly, do more with and for my friends, and listen more.

I'm going to give up red meat. A month of attempting to unclog arteries can't be a bad thing. Surely I can grill enough chicken to suffice?
My resolution will be to get outdoors more and enjoy the sun.

I'm going to give up television. Surely I can do it for one month! Does it count if I DVR everything for a month to watch once August rolls around?!
My resolution will be to make life for my dogs healthier....less treats, more walks, more playing outside.

I'm going to give up control. I'm going to let life lead me where it will and quit trying to steer it every step of the way. This should prove entertaining and very frustrating, I'm sure.
My resolution will be to use my hot tub every single day. It helps me feel better and I haven't used it near as much as I should! And since I can't afford massages near as often as I'd like to, I should really take advantage of the big beast in my backyard! So come on over friends! This month I'm also going to resolve to get back to writing music and playing the guitar more. I haven't done much of this since I moved actually, and I miss it.

Please make sure you are sitting down, and tryi to contain your laughter on this one. I'm going to give up driving. Now there are some obvious sidebars to this one. I will walk or ride my bike to work and friends homes weather permitting or unless a work meeting is out of town. Sorry, but I have enough technical issues with my bike anyway, I will not ride it in rain!
My resolution will be to complete as many home improvement projects as possible. There are several that are midway, some that are ready to be started, and others that are just in the thought process. September should be a month I have a little time to do some of this.

I'm going to give up dining out. I already don't really eat fast food...unless you count Subway. But, cutting out the...oh...4 other restaurants in town my friends and I enjoy going to, will suck. I don't have to cook or clean up, but it cost more money and I can't control what is going into the food I am consuming.
My resolution will be to focus on my job. This is usually a pretty busy month for me and I tend to stress myself out way too much.

I'm going to give up pineapple juice. I enjoy it way too much really. And my poor parents are really tired of stocking up and delivering the little 6 packs of it to me!
My resolution will be to read more. Read more autobiographies, historical books, novels, and even newspapers. (Notice, I didn't say cheesy gossip magazines!)

I'm going to give up trying to please everyone else...and live for the moment, live for laughter, live for me.
My resolution will be to show my appreciation and love for my family. They mean everything to me and should always know that. I'm not the best with relaying the message and really need to work on that!

So there ya have it. I may hate myself throughout the year for posting this for all of you to see and be able to call me out on. I am reading a book that really gave me the idea for this all. Give It Up! My year of learning to live better with less by Mary Carlomagno. It's a quick and easy read, entertaining, and at least to me...though provoking in some ways.

Happy New Year my friends! Hope you have great plans for your 2008!