Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The stench of burning flesh!

This morning started like any other morning. Got up, let the dogs out, showered, and was going to get ready to go to work! After I get out of the shower, I dry off and realize I had washed my robe and it's hanging in the closet. So I take like 2 steps out of the bathroom and towards my bedroom closet and trip on a shoe. Now...if you haven't been to my house...I moved my bedroom to the basement because it's a much larger room. The heat/AC vent is right above the bed and there is a wall heater in that room as well. I thought this could reduce my heating bill quite a bit, as I wouldn't have to have the central heat on as high.

So anyway, back to the story. As I'm walking to get my robe, I trip on a frickin shoe...and fall backwards...with my ass landing smack dab on the running wall heater...or should I say SCORCHING wall heater! I'm sure it was only seconds...but it seemed like a very delayed reaction and that my ass was really sizzling for hours! My dogs were running in mad circles around me as I was screaming like a maniac!

I've been laying on my couch now for about 15 minutes with ice on my butt!! ha I don't think it's helping. Maybe I should run out to my backyard and stick my butt in the snow?! I looked in the mirror to see if there were any gridmarks from the heater, but there weren' that's a bonus I suppose. It's high enough up that I can sit and it's okay. But seriously...have any of you noticed that totally random and stupid shit like this only happens to me? I mean...who else do you know that would try to fry their own ass up like meat on a grill?! I'm sorry. I really don't want you to try to envision the whole episode...but my ass HURTS! I think it's definitely gonna blister and make clothing a not fun experience for a few days. Oh, and if there was a smell to the burning didn't phase I think the only sensory reaction going on at this point is PAIN! Anyway...didn't need the robe afterall. Got warmed up pretty quick!

Hope your morning is going better than mine. I guess I should try and get dressed and off to work. Pray for me!