Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday Humor

I know I mentioned in an earlier post that I am now the Director of the High Plains Heritage Foundation here in Liberal, as well as working at my church in the office part-time.

Well every Sunday since I've been doing that, my dad makes a point to get the bulletin, find our pew, and sit down to scan it for any typos or errors I may have made. He thinks he's a riot...and actually, he usually is I suppose. Anyway, today I sat down and saw him looking through it. I said, "You're not going to find any typos...cause I'm brilliant". He laughed and said okay. We made it past the greetings, the scriptures, a couple songs, the children's message, and the sermon and then all stood to sing the last hymn. The music started and everyone started to sing, but something was just didn't go together. I am not exaggerating when I say, the entire right half of the church turned and looked at me and were making questioning faces and gestures trying to get me to tell them what was going on. I couldn't figure it out either and just shrugged in confusion.

I finally heard a couple voices singing and turned to figure out who it was and how they knew the right words and music to be singing...since the song the rest of the congregation was looking at was obviously wrong. It was my cousins, Fred and Kathy Bloom, who both have excellent, beautiful...and thankfully loud voices. Finally one of them shouted out the page number the song was actually on, so the rest of us could join in.

We had a meal after church today and everyone was like, "Soooo, Sarah...way to go on the page number of that hymn". I just smiled and said, "I guess even God has a sense of humor sometimes"! I don't know how I got the correct title in there and the wrong page, but I am positive of one thing: they will never let me forget about it... ESPECIALLY my dad.

That's the fun thing about being back in Liberal and going to the church I grew up in. Everyone knows me and has no problem giving me a hard time just as easily as they give me prayers, support, and great fellowship. God is good. Can I get an Amen?!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Let the madness begin. My goal this year is only to beat my sister, Amy, to the punch. She is super pyscho about Pancake Day and starts sending out Pancake Day reminder emails and such pretty early. It's great.

Anyway, for those that have never heard of International Pancake Day...where the heck have you been?! It's a race here in Liberal against women in Olney, England. (Liberal is ahead in the number of wins). Liberal gets out of school for the day and there are festivities starting that weekend up until Pancake day (Shrove Tuesday), when the races take place. We even have an International Pancake Day Hall of Fame now...and my dad is the tour guide! He's very involved with the Hall of Fame AND the Pancake Day Board. We like to call him Mr. Flapjack...(since Eldon Wyatt will forever be Mr. Pancake in our hearts!)

This year is the 60th year!!!!!! Can you believe it?! The new shirts are in and they are way cool. This year they have gray, lime green, and neon orange. They even have gray hoodies this year too! You can see the logo on the homepage: There is all kinds of fun information on there for you to peruse. If you scroll to the bottom of that homepage, you will also see a list of current merchandise and prices if you click on it. But for all you fellow Pancake Day Maniacs...if you want a shirt, you better send your money to someone in Liberal NOW...they won't last!!! And no, my dad did not make me advertise for them...I just LOVE me some Pancake Day, am excited it's the 60th year, and really do think the shirts rock this year!

The date is February plan your Pancake Day party now and eat pancakes that whole day if you so choose! IHOP usually has free short stacks that entire day as well. So, see...there's no excuse!!


Plans for 2009

So I'm a bit behind..but here's what I want out of this new year.

1. To travel a bit more. It doesn't have to be anywhere exotic (although that would be spiffy), but I'd just like to get out of Western Kansas a bit more often!

2. To start saving money again...My retirement portfolio is extremely pathetic and embarrassing!

3. Get a new computer (I realize this won't help me save- shut up! lol)...I've been saying I was gonna do this for a year or more..but I still have my redneck contraption...a laptop that I spilled a glass of water now the keyboard doesn't work and I have to hook up a keyboard to it...and it's old as hell and SLOW as hell.

4. Be more open-minded...I think I am pretty good at this most of the time, but still...

5. To convince my sister, Amy (Angie will never cave), to move here at least for awhile. COME ON!!! It would be fun. I mean, I don't want to live WITH you...just in the same town!

6. Visit my Granny more. She has Alzheimer's, is pretty much blind, and is just getting older. It makes me sad to see her this way and it can be very frustrating too. But I love her and don't want to ever feel lonely either.

7. Be more creative. I've done a lot of home improvement stuff and craft stuff this year, but no scrapbooking, no sewing, and no songwriting. I miss those.

8. Get to bed at a decent hour more I can get up and get my ass to the gym more frequently. I prefer to go in the mornings...but lately have been having to go after work..and then it's too packed, stinky, hot, and annoying.

9. Do something crazy. Skydive, get another tattoo, white water get the picture.

10. Be a better friend. I said this last year too..and I don't think I'm a bad friend..I think sometimes it's just too easy to get sucked into your own world, your own problems, your own life...that you forget to ask about those around you, keep up to date, be a shoulder to lean on, etc.

11. Write a book. Yep, I don't know what about...but I think it could be entertaining and would also help with #7.

12. Work on my germaphobia-ness. Although, let's be real...I'm not sure there is anyone or anything that can help with this issue.

13. Try harder to think before I speak. In this aspect, I am apparently just like my dad and tell it like it is...whether anyone wants to hear it and whether it's harsh or not. I think it could be good to be able to have that type of honesty, but I need to reign it in and be able to put things a bit more delicately perhaps.

14. Make new friendships. You can never have too many compadres.

15. See my nephew as much as possible!!! He's adorable, I love him, I miss him, I think they should also move closer, and I want to continue being the fave aunt! ha

16. Focus on the positive. This could probably go hand in hand with #13.

17. Learn the words to Ditty by Paperboy and Informer by Snow. Come know you've always wished you knew them too. Robin does! I hate her for it.

18. Be a great bridesmaid to my two very best friends!! I love them mucho!!

19. Spend more time outside. I hate being hot and I hate being cold. I also hate wind. So this could be a challenge. Hmmm, after reading this, perhaps I need to reread #16.

20. Be thankful...for everything and everyone surrounding me.

21. Eat more corn..cause I love it and it's tasty.

22. Sell my house and buy a new one.

23. Hire someone to scoop poop. ha I hate that chore..and I should do that today now that I think about it.

24. Make the beater last through the year (it would help if dad would stop backing up into it!) My poor black beast of a ride!

25. Recycle more.

I think that's a good list. We'll see. Happy Late New Year to everyone.

When your MOM decideds your internal clock is ticking...

Many of you have heard the first few stories, but for those that haven't..sorry for the repeat. The rest is much more recent.

My mother, like all moms across the world, wants grandchildren...and wants them now! My younger sister, Angie, is married with a 2 year old now, but they live in Dallas and 1 grandchild is certainly not enough. A few years ago my mom sent me an email the day before Valentine's Day, my LEAST favorite holiday of the year (in fact, I usually prefer to protest it by wearing all black..hee hee). The email simply said, "Perhaps you should not wait, but just ask someone to marry you. You're biological clock IS ticking you know!" If you know my mom, you are laughing right now and know that she's a nut, but means well. But I'll admit, I didn't think it was too funny the day I read it or the next few actually. Now, I just shake my head and laugh with the rest of you. At the time, many of my friends suggested I email her back a picture of myself with the scariest guy I could find and say, "Will he do?".

Growing up, there were 2 guys that went my church with us, that she'd tell (only when I wasn't around to roll my eyes and die of embarrassement), "You know, when you grow up, Ken and I want you to know it's okay with us if you want to marry Sarah...because we just love you!" They'd come to school the next day and with a huge sigh, let me know my mom had suggested our future nuptials again. I'm sorry Bryan and Ryan!

Then, about 1.5 years ago...some friends from Liberal came to Goodland for my birthday. Jamie's grandparent's go to my church and had told her that during the prayer request part of the service, my mother had stood up and asked for people to pray that I find a husband and SOON! Of course, my friends thought this was hysterical (as did I actually) and filled me in on this story in front of as many other friends as they could. Thank you for that too ladies! = )

Now that I'm back in Liberal, I'm currently living with my truly giving, hilarious, and loving parents while I wait for my house in Goodland to sell. Two of my best friends are getting married this year, Januea and Robin. As soon as mom found out that they were getting married and I was in the bridal parties, she wanted to know who all the groomsmen were, if they were single, and if any of them could be a potential husband. I even had to show her Robin and Scott's wedding site where she could see the photos of all the boys. Ha. Then this past week I began the Leadership Liberal program. Thursday was the Kickoff Banquet and Friday was the first all day class. I came home and was sharing with the parental units some of the funny parts of the day and about some of the new people I had met. Of course, my mother's first statement was, "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've been saying a little prayer that there will be a young, single, Christian man in that class for you to marry"! Of course you have been mom. Of course you have.

I guess it will never end. I'm just ready for my other sister, Amy, to get back from perhaps some of the focus will be switched to her. She is, afterall, 4 years older...and 4 years closer to being labeled an old spinster! (Sorry Amy...I do love you...but it's your turn for awhile!)

In actuality, it really doesn't bother me, and I DO think it's quite entertaining. I'm just running out of witty responses to her determined quest.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New-ness for a New Year

1. New job. I started the new year with a new job. I'm now the ED for a community foundation in my hometown the serves 10 counties. It's only 25 hrs/week, but pays almost what I was getting previously.

2. Got a new 2nd job. ha Since the other one is only 25 hrs, I decided i should be responsible and mature and get another job. I'm working in the mornings as the secretary at the church I grew up in.

3. New digs. Since I moved back to the hometown, I had to get new digs. My house in Goodland hasn't sold, so my new living quarters the basement of good 'ol Mom & Dad's house!

4. New fog light. My dad backed into my car and knocked it one of the fog lights out (and did lots more damage to his own car...sorry dad!), so I'm getting a new one!

5. New nephew Adam was home at Christmas and here til the 2nd. He's talking some now, so I got all kinds of new names. Some understandable...most not, but I'm sure all are good!

6. New socks. Yep, I needed some.

7. New diet plan...Santa gave me a book of all soup recipes. I LOVE soup and plan to make every single one (except for ones with anything fishy). I've already make the "Zesty Chicken & Corn Chowder" and found it to be quite delightful thank you very much!

8. New gym membership. It's back to the Wellness Center I go. Thank goodness. My butt needs a good kickin!

9. New puppy! Her name is Millie and she's a cute slobbery beagle. She loves the other dogs..they hate her so far.
JUST KIDDING!!! I know, you were all wanting to strangle me at the thought of a 3rd dog. But it would be kinda fun.
10. New plans for the future. My current plan is just to stop trying to make plans and deadlines for things in life that I can't control. Why cause disappointment and frustration when it would be nicer to just live in the moment and enjoy the surroundings!