Thursday, November 27, 2008


These past few months have been rough...looking for a job and feeling like a bum. As I sit here contemplating the holiday, I know that I truly do still have a ton to be thankful for.

I have a home over my head, family and friends that love me (or pretend very well), the cutest nephew (and adopted nephews) on the planet, 2 adorable and brilliant dogs, a kickbutt hot tub, and many other joys to help occupy my empty days.

God blessed me with a creative mind and spirit, as well as friends and family that encourage that. He blessed me with laughter, tears, and sometimes a mixture of both. God blessed me with the capacity to love, care, and share with others. I'm blessed to feel at home in most settings and to not really know a stranger. I'm blessed to have the willingness to make mistakes, the drive to learn from them, and the determination to use that knowledge to move forward in future endeavors.

I'm blessed...and so are all of you. Sometimes it's easier to dwell on what we don't have, what we've lost, or what we feel we deserve or are missing out on...but sometimes it's pretty humbling when we sit back and really realize all that we DO have in our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friends. Love and Hugs!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Craft Fair Insanity

Yesterday was mom and I's first craft fair as vendors. It was interesting and a good practice run for the bigger one in Liberal. Mom's trees looked dynomite...and I think my jewelry, magnets, and windchimes did too. Everyone loved the windchimes but I sold a lot of magnet sets. should be able to see a bucket of your recycled newspaper bags in one of the can't read the sign but it told about them. We'll put em out at the Liberal one too!
Poor's so not his thing...even though he drills all the holes in my silverware for the chimes, cuts spoons for some of my necklaces, made the 2 fun blue displays for my necklaces, and helps load, unload and tried to help set up and decorate (we told him to stop! ha). He walked around, talked to a bunch of strangers, kept seeing if we needed anything....and spent the rest of the time in the car reading. Why he didn't just go to my house and watch tv or nap or beyond me.
My friend, Hailey, was a huge help too. She helped unload and load everything. Who knew that would be soooo much work. Everyone's feet were killing us by the end of the day!! I can't wait for the Liberal show...will be a ton more vendors, a ton more people, and should be a ton more fun AND sales. Cross your fingers and toes! ha